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the Company
"Astra Roma Ballet"

The Company ASTRA ROMA BALLET ,composed of young talented dancers, has reached the 34 years of activity.
He has to his credit more than eight hundred performances in major italian theaters, in reviews, as well as at festivals abroad: Canada, United,States, Senegal,Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Tunisia, Morocco, Guatemala, Panama, Spain, Syria, Korea, Hungary, Cyprus, Algeria, Romania.

He has worked with renowned choreographers such as Luciano Cannito, Milena Zullo, Enrico Morelli, Daniela Megna, Veronica Frisotti, Roberto Sartori, Sabrina Massignani, Loris Petrillo, Donella Bucca, Natalizia Leccese, Alessandro Vigo, Massimo D'Orazio, Antonio Cano, Fiorenza D'Alessandro, Marcia Plevin, Paolo Mohovic, Attila Silvester, Pieter van der Sloot, Serge Manguette,Sonia Nifosi, Johnny Kariono, Waldemar Karaczewski.

The ASTRA ROMA BALLET Company, founded in 1985 by Diana Ferrara, Prima Ballerina Etoile of the Opera Theatre in Rome, is formed by a team of young dancers able to perform in different choreographic styles.

The freshness and the agility of the team allows the capillary diffusion of the dance to the public of large cities in Italy and abroad as well as in small towns, so to make accessible the live ballet performance, of the classical, neo-classical and contemporary styles.


- I Tesori del Cuore 2019-21
- La Gazza Ladra 2019-20-21
- Start 2018
- Il Flauto magico 2017
- Bagliori d'Astra 2015/16
- Dolce Pinocchio 2014/15
- Voce di Donna 2013/14
- Eleonora Duse 2012/13
- Intrecci 2011/12
- Les Suites et la Danse 2011/12
- Aladino 2010/11
- To be Young 2009/10
- Pulcinella un, due, tre 2008/09
- Narciso 2007/08
- Terra Nostra 2006/07
- L’Angelo Azzurro 2005/06
- Cyrano de Bergerac 2004/05
- Sul Classico 2003/04
- America Songs 2002/03
- Trittico D’Oggi 2001/02
- Nostradamus 2000/01
- Tris Ballet 1999/00
- Contrasti e Passioni 1998/99
- Balletti in punta... di spada 1997/98
- Incontri a Colori -Visioni – Carnaval - La Giara 1994/95
- Cinecittà 1994/95
- Un Pallone Color della Luna 1993/94
- Balletti in Quartetto 1991/92
- Serata Ravel 1990/91
- 2° atto de Il Lago dei Cigni e Schiaccianoci 1989/90
- Sulle Punte e no 1987/88
- Lunaria 1986/87

The ASTRA ROMA BALLET is able to express a vast production, from Carnaval, Pas de Quatre, Paquita, Les Silphides, La Morte del Cigno, Gajaneh, to new pieces such as Lunaria, La Giara, Dafni, Bolero, The Dolls, Carta Bianca, Fantasia Spagnola, Un Pallone color della Luna, Visioni, Cinecittà, Incontri a Colori, Ouverture, Concerto d’Aranjuez , Il Sorriso della Gioconda, Play-Bach, Scaramouche, Ay España mia, Donne Coraggio, Nostradamus, Ein kleines Nachtballet,Immaginando, Nodi.

The ASTRA ROMA BALLET exhibited more than four hundred times in the main Italian Theatres, such as the Regio of Parma, the Teatro Verdi of Salerno, the Comunale of Treviso, the Olimpico of Roma, the ones of Vercelli, Pisa, Pistoia, Arezzo, Foggia ecc., and in Festivals such as - Settembre al Borgo of Caserta, Villa Celimontana of Rome, the Festival Pirandelliano of Agrigento, the Roman Theatre of Benevento, at Tindari, Minturno, at the Greek Theatre of Syracuse etc., and also abroad, in Canada, United States, Senegal, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Tunisia, Morocco, Guatemala, Panama, Spain, Syria, Korea, Hungary.

In 1993 the Company is invited to represent Italy at Tunis during the "International Dance Week". In 1994 makes a tournée in Morocco. In 1995 the ASTRA ROMA BALLET wanted to celebrate the Italian cinema centennial and performed with the ballet Cinecittà in many Italian cities that was broadcast in television by RAI UNO.

The 1996 production was performed in many Italian cities.
In 1997 the Company was invited for a tourney in Guatemala and Panama, in the framework of the celebrations of the centennial of the Panama Canal.
The 1998 activity begins with a tournée in Morocco during the International Festival of Rabat; it performs at Rabat and Casablanca.
Then it debuts with the new production "Contrasti e Passioni" at the Teatro Olimpico in Rome extending the activity in the entire Italy. It also participated at the festival "INVITO ALLA DANZA" performing in the beautiful roman park of Villa Massimo.

In November the ASTRA ROMA BALLET participates at the "Festival de Otoño" in Madrid. The 1999 Season opens with the performance of the new production "Tris Ballet" at the Teatro Olimpico in Rome on June 15, repeated on July 10 at Villa Adriana (Tivoli) in the framework of the Musicorum Tempora Festival.

This Festival dedicated one evening to the Maestro Goffredo Petrassi, this year 95, and Diana Ferrara presented for the first time her new ballet "Immaginando" on Petrassi's "8 Inventions for pianoforte" magisterially live played by the pianist Bruno Canino.

The "Tris Ballet"was then brought in tournée in Sicily, Calabria and Basilicata. In August the Company was invited again at a follow on of the Musicorum Tempora Festival at Villa Adriana.

In September, invited by the Ministry of Culture of Syria, the Astra Roma Ballet participated at the Festival of Bosra where it performed in the marvelous roman anphitheatre filled with more than 10,000 people.
It also performed at the Azem Palace in Damascus at the presence of a selected and knowledgeable public that particularly appreciated the presented program.

In October the Company was invited in the USA where it performed at Philadelphia and Norristown at during the Columbus Day celebrations. Subsequently it performed in Germany (Stuttgart) and participated in 2002 participated at the International Dance Festival in Rome with the ballet “American Songs”.

In 2003 the Company participated to the International Dance Festival in Hungary (National Dance Theatre of Budapest) with the ballet “Nostradamus”.

The production 2003 “Sul Classico” includes three pieces:
“Incontri a Colori” music by L.V.Beethoven, choreography by Diana Ferrara, “Nodi” musico by G.B.Pergolesi, choreography by Enrico Morelli, and “Ein Kleines Nachtballet”, music by W.A.Mozart and choreography by Luciano Cannito.
Production 2004 “Cyrano de Bergerac” choreography by Enrico Morelli, and in 2005 “L’Angelo Azzurro” choreography by Daniela Megna. The production 2006 is “Terra Nostra” a ballet in two parts that include “Turris Eburnea” by Enrico Morelli and “Cìciri” by Daniela Megna.

These two choreographers, young but already well known talents in Italy, produced their works in contemporary style on classical basis, being inspired by their regions of origin, Puglia and Sicily respectively.
“Terra Nostra” was firstly performed at the Teatro Olimpico in Rome and subsequently in about 20 cities all over Italy.

In 2007 the ASTRA ROMA BALLET produced a show "NARCISO, l'io grandioso" choreography by Veronica Frisotti, music by Francesco Lanzillotta.
This ballet was awarded by the "Fontane di Roma" prize in June 2007. The production "NARCISO" was performed in many italian cities and also the Company was invited in Romania: Bucarest, Ploiesti e Iasi and was applauded by the public and well-received by critics.
Production 2008 "Pulcinella un, due, tre" choreography by Sabrina Massignani, Diana Ferrara, Roberto Sartori.

Production 2009 "To Be Young" choreography by Enrico Morelli e Natalizia Leccese.

New Production "ALADINO 2010",was performed in Algeria in May 2010 and in Italy in 2010-11

In 2011 “Les Suites et la Danse”on music by Bach e Telemann at Theatre Cucinelli, Solomeo (Perugia) performed with the orchestra, live, directed by Fabio Ciofini.
In the same year, The Creation "INTRECCI" Morelli, Ferrara, Mendez.

In 2012 the company creates "ELEONORA DUSE, arte, passione e mito" choreographed by Sabrina Massignani.

Production in 2013 is "VOCE DI DONNA" with choreography by Milena Zullo & Enrico Morelli.

In 2014 new creation "DOLCE PINOCCHIO" choreographed by Alexander Bigonzetti that is represented in First in Algiers and replicated at the Teatro Vascello Rome, the Festival of Tagliacozzo, the Festival of the Worlds in Varese and in other Italian cities.

In 2014 the Company is invited to a special tour in Romania.

In 2015 "BAGLIORI D’ASTRA", to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Company, made with the best choreographies realized by 15 choreographers who had cooperated with the Company.

"GEORGE SAND" "choreography by Sabrina Massignani with the participation of the guest dancer Sabrina Brazzo, Prima Ballerina at Teatro alla Scala of Milan.

"IL FLAUTO MAGICO" in 2017, choreography by Paolo Arcangeli, performed also at the International comtemporary dance Festival of Almada, Portugal and at the international festival of Oran and Algiers.

In 2018 the choreographer Paolo Arcngeli creates the ballet "START" and in 2019 "LA GAZZA LADRA" performed at the festivals of Siracusa and Rapallo and in Rome Teatro Quirino.

Diana Ferrara also creates the choreography of "I TESORI DEL CUORE" by Anyla Kraja with live classical music performed in a world premiere at the teatro Quirino in Rome in December 2019.

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